We Deliver End to End Occupational Solutions

We have wide-ranging practice in successfully organizing, supervision and distributing world class resolutions employing our global delivery proficiencies which enables us to deliver a best service whereas extenuating cost.


The Intelligent Enterprise

An intelligent, sustainable enterprise is one that consistently applies advanced technologies and best practices within agile, integrated business processes. Run at your best with MARA Technologies that can help you grow more robust, more profitable, and more justifiable.

Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP is enterprise resource planning software that is accessible over the Internet. Organizations worldwide use cloud/on-premises ERP to integrate the core business processes needed to run a company in a single instance.

Intelligent Technologies

Intelligent Technologies offers the software (Dynamics, Acumatica, CRM) to run your business and the expertise to keep it all working smoothly. Explode invention in your business with ERP Expertise Platform.


Small and Midsize Application Software

MARA Technologies prepare your business to address today’s encounters while building the foundation to grasp future prospects. Run all aspects of your small business or midsize company with ERP SME software. Our solutions cover ERP, HR, CRM, analytics, data platforms, and more.



UI5 apps are built using HTML5, JS, XML, OData and JSON. Based on the Model, View, Controller (or MVC) design pattern  Mobile technology include application design, cross-platform strategy, server side expansion, testing.

Intellectual Robotic Process Mechanization

Intellectual Robotic Process Mechanization

Our ERP Intellectual Robotic Process Mechanization services aim to automate master data creation,  it is easy to build, deploy, and manage software robots that emulate humans actions interacting with digital systems and software.

Big Data

Big Data & Data Analytics

Data analytics is the science of analyzing raw data to make conclusions about that information. Our Big Data rehearsal brings in expertise of wide range of apparatuses and knowledges to build platforms.

IT Staffing

IT staffing

Our IT staffing division with a mission to growing clients’ talent pools through Workforce planning, Recruitment and selection, Placement and induction, Onboarding, Training and development, Performance appraisal, Retention, Exit or separation.